Sunday, August 8, 2010

Praying in The Morning

God, let me cry for you The Boss of The Universe. Because I'm just your little creature. Anything will be bad without you. For so long time I feel far from you. But I want to share everything with you in sadness and happiness. Give me power, give me light so I can finish these responsibilities perfectly. Amen.

NB: I have finished 2 new books in 2010 [thanks god] and please show me your best way in this life. Amen.

Everybody, Happy Fasting, No More Irritating and Keep Smiling.

For my Familla-Lovely Dad, Mumz and Sist in this Ramadan I can stay with all of you. But I promise, I will go home if I have finish my first responsibility here. So let's pray again and again. [Maybe I will go home at first week of Ramadan. Miss ya all]

Last Ramadan I still stay at home, always sahur together with my dad and mumz. Oh yeah..there was a big earthquake in West Java. Owh great experiences in reporting news. Hope this year everything is getting better AMEN.

One more I want to say..God..You are The Boss of The please Give me Light..Show me The Way..Amen.


genial said...

cool post :)